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Getting Started is a free (as in free speech) simple online URL shortener.

  1. Paste a long URL to make it shorter.
  2. If needed, you can choose the text for the shortened link
  3. Next step: share your short link with whoever you wish.

If you need help to use this program, have a look on this video tutorial courtesy of arpinux, a great guide for newcomers on HandyLinux GNU/Linux distro.

The software is derived from Lstu created and maintained by Luc Didry. Liberapay button

Lstu is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL. provides an API to shorten your links quite easily.

You can see a list of your past links on the statistics page (it works with cookies, so it will work only with the browser you use to shorten your links).

Grow your own

If you want to contribute on development, suggest improvements and patches, or simply download, hop on Development site.

If you want to install this software for you own usage, we help you on: